The Best Fishing Sunglasses
The Best Fishing Sunglasses

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Getting The Best Sunglasses For Fishing

Whether you're looking for the tournament winning catch or just relaxing, wearing sunglasses will reduce the strain on your eyes and also protect your eyes from harmful UV exposure. But there are differences in sunglasses that can really give you the best vision when fishing. Lenses that are tinted certain shades can help with contrast while the simply grey/black lens will not necessarily affect contrast but will reduce the brightness across the wavelength spectrum.

Because there are so many sunglass lenses let's just talk about the ones that will perform better overall for fishing around water. Oversize frames certainly can help because that will protect a larger area of your face and also reduce more of the light that might sneak by a smaller frame. Some frames might also have larger or wider temples that will reduce the light that comes from the side.

To get the best vision through sunglasses I'd recommend polarized. This is by far the sunglass lens for fishing. It's not only the best for fishing but just might be the best lens for an activity such as skiing and driving a car. Children will also benefit from these just as you would.

Without getting too deep into why polarized lenses work the basic concept is that light comes from all angles and polarized lenses will stop light that comes from angles that are beneath us, like where the fish are and where light is bouncing off the surface and then causing glare. An interesting way to see if you have polarized lenses is to take them off and look at your cell phone or your lcd device of your choice. While holding the sunglasses in front of you, rotate them in front of the cell phone screen. Be sure the cell phone is turned on! What you will notice is that the screen will seem to darken as you turn the lenses. If you don't notice the cell phone screen darkening then you probably don't have polarized lenses.

There are some limitations with polarized sunglasses and the biggest one is that the lenses cannot be made clear. You won't be able to get your regular glasses that you might wear indoors to be polarized.

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